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Übersicht Aussteller-Pressemitteilungen

Hier finden Sie alle Aussteller-Pressemitteilungen der CosmeticBusiness. Die Übersicht wird kontinuierlich ergänzt.

19.05.2022 Preservation Efficacy Test & Microbiome-friendly Studies Cosmetic preservatives prevent microbiological spoilage during storage and use, but when found in high percentage or are too strong, they might disrupt the fragile skin ecosystem. Lesen Sie mehr
19.05.2022 Quadpack expands European manufacturing in preparation for market recovery International beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack is investing over €6 million at its German manufacturing facilities in Kierspe, to meet increased market demand. Lesen Sie mehr
03.05.2022 rezemo GmbH & Kneipp Innovative Kosmetikverpackungen aus Holzfasern: rezemo und Kneipp starten Kooperation zur Entwicklung biobasierter Alternativen Lesen Sie mehr
19.05.2022 Scentmate by Firmenich - The first fragrance house that combines speed, creativity and innovation Scentmate™ is the first AI-powered platform that can turn a creative idea into a winning fragrance in just a few clicks. Lesen Sie mehr
19.05.2022 SIBO G.'s ultralight combo of cap and closure SIBO Group is a manufacturer of plastic caps and shoulders, moulds, technical components and items for pharmacy and medicine. Lesen Sie mehr