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Moringa oil and powder
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Unleash Moringa's natural magic for healthier skin and hair!

Moringa Oleifera is a tree which is most likely to resist to climate change as it is very resistant to drought. Hence Moringa can be planted in areas where other trees could not survive. It means more capture of CO2 emissions, no deforestation, and less water usage as the irrigation needs are very low and sometimes inexistant.

Additionnaly, there is no waste! All parts of Moringa can be used: Leaves (as food supplement), Seeds (as a great oil for hair and skin care and as food supplement), the branches (for livestock feed) and even the cake obtained from pressing the seeds can be used as green manure!

More about Primegreen:
We are a social enterprise, sourcing premium quality natural ingredients from Latin America, directly from the growers. This allow us to ensure 100% traceability to our customers and to reinvest part of our revenues in social and sustainable projects at the communities from which we source.


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Moringa oil
Unleash Moringa’s natural magic for healthier skin and hair! Our premium quality moringa oil is cold pressed, virgin and organic. The moringa oil is rich in Ome...
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