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What's Good for Me is Good for my Skin

Börlind Remains True to the Principles of its Founder After 65 Years of Business

Alicia Lindner is the managing director and joint owner of the natural cosmetics company Börlind. As a speaker at the CosmeticBusiness conference, she will provide insights into the manufacturer's product development processes. Börlind is home to brands such as ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND and DADO SENS and is one of the most prestigious companies in the natural cosmetics sector, where demands for product quality are high.

Protection for Skin and the Planet

Today, the company philosophy and product development strategy are still based on the wise words of Annemarie Lindner, the speaker's grandmother and co-founder of the company: "If I can't eat it, I won't put it on my skin". Although this seems a simple slogan, applying it to the creation of effective, innovative products is a complex process. Alicia Lindner will elaborate on this in her talk. Now in its third generation, the company is no longer focused solely on protecting its customers' skin, but also on protecting the planet.

In the early years under Annemarie Lindner, the manufacturer was a pioneer of the natural cosmetics industry and achieved international recognition for its products that deliver excellent quality while remaining ethically clean. At Börlind, high priority is given to the search for new ingredients. The company's ingredient scouts work with a network of suppliers to search worldwide for new natural substances. These are then processed at the headquarters in Germany's Black Forest using the company's very own deep spring water.

The Same High Standards Apply to Private Label Products

Product development at Börlind is firmly rooted in the three pillars of innovation, science and ethics. This involves much more than merely selecting high-quality ingredients. Ongoing investment in research and development ensures that innovative technologies for active ingredients can be identified and utilised. In addition to producing a wide range of Börlind brand products, the company also operates in the private label sector and manufactures high-quality cosmetics for other brands. Here, the same standards of excellence are upheld as for the company's own products.

The success of the company speaks for itself. Founded in 1959, it is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of natural cosmetics. Börlind's facial and body care products, as well as its decorative cosmetics based on natural ingredients, are available in some 40 countries. The company has 260 employees. In 2023, annual group sales revenue was 60 million euros.

Alicia Lindner, Managing Director and co-owner of Annemarie Börlind, will provide insights into product development at Börlind at CosmeticBusiness 2024. In particular, she will address the question "How is a credible natural cosmetics product of tomorrow created?". To the lecture

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Börlind's Managing Director and Joint Owner Alicia Lindner
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