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09/04/2024 CosmeticBusiness

New Findings on Moss-Based Active Ingredients

A New Study Expands Mibelle's Knowledge about the Utilisation of Mosses

Mibelle Biochemistry has conducted a study to investigate the moss species Physcomitrium patens. According to the company, the aim is not only to understand the plant itself, but also to explore it as a potential source of natural products for everyday use. Mibelle describes the discovery of the molecule ceruchinol as a potential cosmetic active ingredient as an important result. It interacts with receptors in human skin cells and could open up the development of new moss-based cosmetic products. The manufacturer has previously generated active ingredients from mosses, which are summarised in its MossCellTech series.

Source: https://mibellebiochemistry.com/pioneering-study-moss-research

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