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Dr Brands Offering 'G-Beauty' Are in High Demand

Dr Emi Arpa's Brand World Exemplifies This Success

'G-Beauty' is currently a major trend. The 'G' stands for Germany, showing that beauty products developed in Germany are currently in high demand internationally. Particularly relevant here are the so-called 'Dr brands' which represent a second trend. These are beauty brands developed by 'real' doctors including Barbara Sturm and Augustinus Bader. One such Dr brand that is currently trending was founded by Dr Emi Arpa.

A Dermatologist With Significant Influence

Together with her husband and business partner Sebastian Dahlem, Arpa shed light in a recent podcast episode on how such personal brands are developed and what characterises them. A specialist in dermatology, Dr Arpa left hospital work behind several years ago to establish her own practice. In the summer of 2019, she started her Instagram channel, 'Dr Emi', which soon expanded its reach and now has almost half a million followers. This was the start of her personal brand, a 'Dr brand' that has since become a multifaceted beauty business with its own skincare line.

A distinguishing feature of the skincare products is that every ingredient is evidence-based. information on each active ingredient, including references to efficacy studies, can be accessed on the brand website in an online lexicon. The dermatologist hopes this high degree of transparency will support consumers in making the right decisions for their skincare needs.

Cosmetics Are Scalable but Doctors Are an Unscalable Ressource

In light of the rapidly increasing demand for 'Dr brands' and 'G-beauty', the pair of founders plan to further expand their skincare business. Considerations include the possibility of bringing in an investor. However, what they do not plan to expand is their medical practice. In the podcast, Sebastian Dahlem says they considered setting up a chain of practices in several large cities but opted against it because each location would need its own doctor or practice manager and this could weaken the personal brand image of 'Dr Emi'. "A doctor as a resource simply is not scalable", Dahlem explains.

Source: OMR

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