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08/12/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Cosmile Europe Now Available as an App

Access the Ingredients Database From Anywhere With a Smartphone

Cosmetics Europe has expanded consumer access to information about cosmetics. The European trade association for the cosmetics and personal care industry has now launched the free Cosmile Europe app, which it says enables users to access reliable, verified and scientifically sound information about cosmetics ingredients. The app is available in eight languages for Apple and Android smartphones.

Consumers Can Access Information About the Properties and Uses of Ingredients

The app is designed to give users easy access to the Cosmile Europe ingredients database, which was launched in February (we also reported on this) . Around 30,000 ingredients are included in the app, offering consumers simple and reliable information about the products they use on a daily basis. This includes information about ingredient properties and why they are used in particular cosmetics products.

Practical Features Designed to Make Cosmetics Easier to Use

Through the new app, cosmetics manufacturers also provide consumers with several useful features. For example, the app makes it easier to read lists of ingredients, especially when compact packaging and small font sizes are used. It also allows users with allergies to track particular ingredients they wish to avoid. If the app detects a match when a product is scanned, the user receives a notification and can then select a different product. Consumers can also create a list of favourites from the cosmetics they have scanned. If the ingredients are changed for a product saved in the favourites list, this will be displayed in the app.

Source: Cosmetics Europe

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