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Grey in all colours of the rainbow – a REBHAN / REMONDIS Sustainability Project

Three strong partners have joined forces to form a project cooperation for more sustainability in the reuse of recyclates: REBHAN, REMONDIS and Gramß.

The joint project focuses on intensifying the use of recycled plastics – especially HDPE and PP from households and offices (PCR − post-consumer recycled). The main focus is put on the grey recyclate, which is currently still used far too seldom in the packaging sector. REMONDIS collects, sorts, and recycles plastic packaging into a third-party tested HDPE or PP recyclate. In the field of cosmetic applications, the "Certificates of Conformity" for rinse-off and leave-on products are especially important.

When sorting the unmixed plastics, three colour batches are separated: white and natural-coloured materials are processed individually, all materials with other colours are processed together and form a grey regranulate.

Customers – especially in the cosmetics industry – are particularly keen on white and natural-coloured granulate, which, however, are considerably rarer and more expensive than grey ones. In addition, the proportion of grey recyclate increases with each reprocessing cycle of used packaging materials. This is exactly where the project partners come in to promote the increased use of the equally high-quality grey material and make it more popular.

REBHAN has conducted intense research regarding "How to make grey colourful" and will furnish the trade visitors at the COSMETIC BUSINESS fair in Munich (MOC 1.−2.6.2022, Hall 4, Stand B04/C03) with the proof that visually appealing packaging in light colour tones is also possible with grey recyclate. The sample bottles from REBHAN with their matching closures from Gramß are presented in the pastel shades pink, blue and green. In order to demonstrate the design and sustainability options, the samples have been produced of mono material in different combinations with virgin material, i.e., with shares of 20%, 30% and 50% of recyclate. Now it is possible to have both: attractive design and the sustainable use of resources!

The cooperation between REBHAN, REMONDIS and Gramß now opens up a whole new world of options for customers who dislike grey as a packaging colour and wish to present their products in bright, attractive colours. There is no longer a clash of interests between sustainability and attractive design. The decision for more environmentally conscious packaging is also accompanied by significant cost and availability advantages – the grey recyclate is much cheaper and more readily available than the white or natural-coloured regranulates.

REBHAN set the course for sustainability at a very early stage: Environmental protection has been a high priority in all company areas since the 1980s. The company's focus in research and development is also on sustainability. REBHAN consistently searches for environmentally friendly alternatives for packaging without reducing the exclusivity of the end product. In the context of the "Green Line" concept, for example, customers have the option of having any REBHAN packaging solution – whether standard or individual packaging – manufactured as an environmentally friendly variant.

REBHAN cooperates closely with its two project-partners in the field of plastics recycling and recyclate reuse: Gramß GmbH, which specialized in injection moulding and produces high-quality closure solutions and the REMONDIS Group.

REMONDIS is one of the world's largest private companies for recycling, services and water, and is present in over 30 countries on four continents. Founded in 1934, the family-owned company generates annual turnover of EUR 11.5 billion (2021) with more than 38,000 employees. REMONDIS makes a significant contribution to environmental and resource protection across many business areas. Every year, REMONDIS collects, recycles and markets around 30 million tonnes of recyclable materials. The fractions cover almost the entire material spectrum. It is important to REMONDIS to offer recycled raw materials and innovative product solutions that save valuable resources right from the start.

For more information, see: www.remondis.com and www.recyclingrohstoffe.de/en/


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