05 - 06 June 2024 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
A product of: Carton Group GmbH
Manuka flowers only open for a few short weeks of the year, and if conditions are just right, bees are able to harvest the nectar to make honey. With such a special release, the product needed an equally special and bespoke piece of packaging. The overarching goal was to challenge the status quo and create an emotional connection with consumers by making it a unique and memorable unboxing experience. Upon twisting a tab on the base of the flower, the interlocked, crosshatched petals unfurl, causing dramatic movement & wonder when revealing the jar. We opted for quality dyed paper vs. printing the colours, to ensure the vivid colours were retained along the cut edges. And it was paramount the integrity of the paper stocks could hold up, especially under the mechanical conditions of the opening and closing flower.


Mr. Maximilian Sojer
Sales Director Carton Group GmbH