05 - 06 June 2024 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
For 25 years, COPTIS provides advanced technology solutions for Cosmetic R&D
A product of: Coptis SAS
Coptis Lab, the industry's leading PLM Software, streamlines your product development process and ensures global compliance of your formulas. With utmost reliability, R&D laboratories can formulate innovative and sustainable beauty products in compliance with retailers' standards and global regulatory requirements, including European regulation, USA MoCRA, China’s CSAR and more...

Coptis Lab is supported by optimized databases: Coptis Reg, a regulatory database, offering regulatory data on a hundred countries and more than 15,000 substances. Coptis Ingredients, the reference database of more than 17,000 cosmetic raw materials Coptis Tox, a database of toxicological information on over 3,000 substances

Empower your team with Coptis digital solutions, to ensure compliance and safety of your high innovative products at every stage of the development process.

Request a live demo to understand how Coptis Lab PLM software and AI can promote and support R&D innovation.


Ms. Heike Painchaud
Sales Manager Coptis SAS


Coptis SAS

8 Rue Ernest Gouin
78290 Croissy Sur Seine

Tel.: +33 1 39042340

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