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The symex Industry 5.0 concept for mixing plants: 5 Modules. 0 Risk.
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symex manufactures customized mixing and homogenizing systems for the manufacturing of emulsions, suspensions, and the processing of powders in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The patented mixing technology enables the production of advanced textures, emulsions, dispersions, lotions, and pastes with high efficiency and flexibility. The unique Industry 5.0 concept demonstrably increases productivity and quality with the lowest possible CO2 footprint through innovative modules such as the symex App, fully automated process execution, digital process simulation and optimization, sustainability analysis, and predictive maintenance. The innovative concept ensures that symex customers are always one step ahead.

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Customized Mixing and Homogenizing Systems for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry
The unique symex Industry 5.0 concept demonstrably increases productivity and quality through: The patented symex APP, fully automated process control, digital...
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Ms. Daniela Ewert
Product Manager symex GmbH & Co. KG


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