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LUCEANE™ boosts cell respiration to combat hypoxiageing™
A product of: Sederma
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Sederma’s LUCEANE™ is an oligosaccharide extract obtained by biofermentation of a Pseudoalteromonas strain. The active ingredient counteracts hypoxiageing™ by invigorating cell respiration and ATP production. LUCEANE™ protects mitochondria from pollution induced impairments, maintains antioxidant cell defence, and regenerates the skin barrier function. Both cellular and microbiota-assisted ceramide production is stimulated. LUCEANE™ revitalises the skin in just 15 minutes, and premature ageing is slowed down by 5 years after only 1 month of application. The active ingredient is of 100% natural origin content, COSMOS- and China-compliant.

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Ms. Larissa Legewie
Technical Marketing Lead Sederma