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PKB EKO - Filler and capper for perfumes, liquid cosmetics and cosmetic creams

Based on PKB experience in ther perfume and cosmetics packaging, the semi-automatic filler and capper PKB EKO is a unique machine. Indeed, it has succeeded the challenge to be both a standard entry-level and a completely versatile machine.
With this distinctive characteristic, PKB is able to offer a range of machines according to the special features of all types of products:

* PKB EKO Perfumes (retail bottles, miniatures, samples)
* PKB EKO liquid cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, lotions, suntan lotions, toners, foundation, deodorant, etc.)
* PKB EKO cosmetic creams (mascara, jars).

The PKB EKO is up to the PKB standards of excellence and durability, thanks to the use of components with proven reliability, and with the associated reduction in operating costs.


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Mr. Thomas WERNER
Senior Export Manager D-A-CH PKB Abfüll- und Verschliessmaschinen für die Kosmetikindustrie


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