05 - 06 June 2024 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
Nissha's new 50ml Sulapac® Cosmetic Jar - biobased, compostable & less material usage
A product of: Nissha Europe GmbH
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True to the motto "less is more", we have developed a new 50ml can made from bio-based & industrially compostable material. Minimalist design for optimized sustainability through reduced material usage. Nissha's new 50ml round jar for water-based cosmetics is as diverse as nature and available in various colors and materials. Colors and material variants available, which are based on different biomaterials. based on different biomaterials. While the natural look of the tin with wood shavings, for example, reflects the message of natural cosmetics, clay gives the consumer a more luxurious impression.

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New 50ml Sulapac Cosmetic Jar - Sustainability at its best - biobased, compostable & less material usage
Less is even Better – especially for nature. Following this motto, we developed a new 50ml cosmetic jar made of biobased and industrial compostable material. To...
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Mr. Nils Wenzel
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