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Sustainable Solutions
A Produkt of: Gabriel-Chemie.
The power of sustainability is in all our ideas and solutions, so that tomorrow plastic will remain a high-quality, reliable and long-term recyclable material. Experience our sustainable product series MaxiBlue and MaxiLoop.

MaxiBlue & MaxiLoop

MaxiBlue Masterbatch is naturally made from climate-friendly or biogenic alternatives, as well as polymers from chemical recycling as carrier polymers. These serve as sustainable alternatives to fossil-based polymers.
MaxiLoop encompasses all products that are either based on regenerated carriers or products that increase recyclability.

CO2 reduced White Masterbatch

We offer an extensive range of white masterbatch - now also CO2 reduced and can be used in a variety of applications with a focus on sustainability.

NIR – detectable & sortable

With the widespread NIR sensor technology, the near-infrared spectrum reflected by the plastic is evaluated. Each type of plastic has a characteristic spectrum and can be identified, sorted and finally recycled.

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