05 - 06 June 2024 in Munich CosmeticBusiness
Full-Service at the highest level – for over 20 years
A product of: SanderStrothmann GmbH

SanderStrothmann stands for tailored, innovative, and competitive products revolving around the theme of inner and outer beauty.

Feel and experience our passion for cosmetics, biocides, medical devices, and dietary supplements, along with our keen sense of trends. We are known for individual, high-quality, and inspiring products, based on the highest level of expertise and technology. We regularly set new benchmarks for "speed to market" because the faster from idea to shelf, the sooner your product can succeed.

Complex galenic, convincing technologies, individual formulation requests, innovative packaging forms, or extraordinary product formats are all part of our daily business. SanderStrothmann is your specialist when it comes to products with exceptional efficacy and strong claims - we also develop tailored solutions for your challenges that will inspire you.


Ms. Sabrina Berghaus
Managing Partner SanderStrothmann GmbH


SanderStrothmann GmbH

Brüsseler Straße 2
49124 Georgsmarienhütte

Tel.: +49 5401 83 63 0

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