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OctoTop - a light and recycling-ready EcoTop cap with an innovative and inclusive design
A product of: ALBEA
Innovation Route

The EcoTop family, fusion of the head and the cap, has a newcomer, OctoTop. Manufactured in Albéa Argonne, this innovative solution enriches the range, which already includes Ecofusion Top.
OctoTop was recently introduced by L’Occitane which kept their iconic hand cream tube design with its octagonal top shape. 

This visually impactful solution addresses weight reduction, carbon footprint reduction and recyclability at once:

·       OctoTop provides a 21% weight reduction compared to the Octagonal Cap + Shoulder.

·       The cap is made of mono-material PE and thus recycling-ready in the HDPE stream.

In addition, the practical and inclusive design allows to open and close the tube with a single push.

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