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Yes! Another Vegan!

The Body Shop's Product Range is Now 100 Per Cent Vegan Certified

"Yes! Another vegan." Once again, someone has gone vegan. And once again this sentence will be the subject of eye-rolls, because there really are getting to be more and more vegans. The Body Shop has singled out this typical reaction to such news and made it the main theme of its current campaign. The campaign is a celebration of the cosmetics brand being the first worldwide to achieve 100 per cent vegan certification by The Vegan Society for all formulations in its product range.

"Vegan" Is Becoming Ever More Important for Consumers

The Body Shop is well known for its focus on cruelty-free cosmetics products. The company quotes forecasts that predict the vegan cosmetics industry will experience an average growth of 6.31 per cent each year from 2023 to 2028, reaching a total sales volume of 24 billion US dollars by 2028. Furthermore, in countries such as Great Britain, one in ten consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 say that "vegan" is an important criterion when making purchasing decisions. The company views its vegan range as a reaction to the demands of its target customers.

Certification Process Looks at Ingredients and How They Are Made

The Vegan Society is considered the global gold standard for the certification of vegan products across various sectors. The process of achieving certification involves the evaluation of all suppliers and manufacturers of ingredients contained in the product catalogue, the company explains.

Source: The Body Shop

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