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06/03/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Vegan Collagen for Cosmetic Products Developed

Evonik Produces Biotech-Based Collagen Using Fermentation Technology

Evonik has launched Vecollage Fortify L. This ingredient reportedly is a new vegan collagen for applications of the cosmetics industry that is identical to collagen in the skin. By using a system solutions approach that combines an innovative product with expertise in skin biology, the company says that it has unveiled the effect of recombinant collagen on the dermis, the middle layer of the skin.

A Platform for Vegan Collagen Is to Be Build

The development of Vecollage Fortify L is said to bring Evonik a step closer to generating a platform of non-animal and sustainable collagen. According to the company, this platform will consist of several types of vegan collagen. Biotech-based collagen is expected to be one megatrend in the future of skincare as consumers are increasingly looking for ethical and sustainable alternatives, while brands are concerned about supply security issues.

The Ingredient Stimulates the Skin's Own Collagen Production

Vecollage Fortify L is made using fermentation technology producing a lower ecological footprint. It was developed in partnership with the company Modern Meadow, which specialises in fermentation-based protein development. It provides dual benefits to fortify collagen in the skin by preventing age-related degradation and stimulating the skin’s own collagen production.

Source: Evonik

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