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02/05/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Using the Power of Nature Effectively

CosmeticBusiness 2023 Serves the Top Trends in Cosmetic Products

At CosmeticBusiness 2023, which will be held in Munich from 14 to 15 June, the ingredients sector promises an even wider selection of inspirational, innovative products than in previous years. Among the more than 100 suppliers of active and other ingredients will be welcoming a notably large number of new exhibitors. This year, there are two major trends that have emerged in the innovations of the show: sustainability and anti-ageing.

Trend 1: Sustainable Alternative Ingredients

Natural-based ingredients and active ingredients now represent the bulk of the innovations in this sector. While sustainable alternatives have so far often been associated with compromises in quality or functionality, the exhibitors at CosmeticBusiness show that equivalent ingredients from natural sources are feasible. Danish start-up Cellugy ApS, for example, will be introducing its rheology modifier EcoFlexy, which is based on cellulose manufactured using biotechnology. Even in small doses, it reportedly has a thickening effect and is heat resistant to over 100 degrees Celsius. Pure nature is the name of the game with SLI Chemicals. The new active ingredient Agenajel Clear from its partner Agrana is derived from potato starch and is designed to provide formulas with good texture and high transparency. As the second plant-based product, SLI will be introducing Oleawhite from its Italian partner Gilas. It is said to stabilise emulsions at a wide range of temperatures without changing the consistency of the emulsion.

Trend 2: Anti-Ageing

This year, many exhibitors are also relying on the power of nature when it comes to the top trend, anti-ageing. MC Beauty Science is therefore presenting two new active ingredients sourced from the ocean. According to the manufacturer, Osmocean Phycoskin is the first cooperative active well-ageing ingredient for use in cosmetics made from marine holobionts. It is composed of the Rejuv-Detox complex which is a blend of natural marine osmolytes – amino acids and saccharides – that can combat cellular ageing. The second marine active ingredient introduced is named Viwa. It is derived from fermenting a newly-identified variety of marine bacteria, Alteromonas lipotrueae. According to the partner company LipoTrue, Viwa relaxes facial lines by influencing neuromuscular communication.

PolyNeo will be presenting Neosilk, a new kind of collagen derived from silk cocoons. According to the company, this type 1 collagen is distinguished by its high level of purity and similarity to human collagen. Provital has also managed to extract a new active anti-ageing ingredient from nature. Altheostem is based on hollyhock stem cells. According to the manufacturer, it selectively eliminates cellular senescence, thereby modulating the mortality of certain skin cells.

The CosmeticBusiness 2023 takes place on 14 and 15 June 2023 at the MOC in Munich. Tickets are available online via the ticket shop .

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