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10/06/2024 CosmeticBusiness

The Most Powerful Beauty Influencer and Brands

Cosmetify Has Published Its 2024 Index

Nikkie de Jager has been named the world’s most powerful beauty influencer in a new study by Cosmetify. The Dutch makeup artist reportedly has a combined following of 42.7 million across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, and the highest estimated combined earnings per post at 61,450 US-dollars.

Who Is the Most Popular in Beauty

The platform released its new index, highlighting the most popular beauty brands, the biggest beauty influencers and retailers, each country’s favorite beauty brand, and which brands have been on the rise in the last year.

Best Performances on Instagram & Co

According to the index, Sol de Janeiro has the best engagement rate on Instagram, which shows the percentage of likes and comments per post. Bubble Skincare is on the rise for 2024 with a 2,872 per cent increase in searches, rising from 131,700 to 3.9 million. The most-searched brand in the last year reportedly was Oh K!, with 73.4 million searches worldwide.

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Source: www.nikkietutorials.com
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