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The Circular Economy Is Becoming a Reality in Switzerland

The RecyPac association aims to increase collection volumes and the quality of packaging recycling

Stakeholders across the Swiss value chain for plastic packaging and beverage cartons are taking serious action. They have founded the RecyPac association to create a Switzerland-wide circular economy for their products. It is responsible for ensuring that the types of packaging mentioned are collected and recycled in a uniform manner. We spoke with Patrick Semadeni about the association's goals and working methods. As Managing Director of Semadeni Industry Group AG, Semadeni is a member of CosmeticBusiness's exhibitor advisory committee. He is also one of the founding board members of RecyPac.

Mr Semadeni, what prompted you to found the RecyPac association in Switzerland?

It is only by coming together as an industry that we can develop a long-term, sustainable packaging solution and ultimately establish a nationwide collection process featuring a 10-fold increase in volumes compared to current levels. As a voluntary, private-sector solution for a Swiss circular economy, RecyPac is able to secure the long-term financing necessary for this.

What specific targets have you set yourself in terms of recycling rates and the circular economy, and how does the organisation plan to achieve them?

Our 2030 target is a recycling rate of 55 per cent for plastics, which is in line with European targets, and 70 per cent for beverage cartons. Ensuring quality and sufficient volumes will be key. This requires mobilisation of the population, quality assurance along the entire value chain and recyclable packaging.

What part does RecyPac play in closing material cycles in Switzerland?

RecyPac has succeeded in bringing together the entire value chain. For the first time ever, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, disposal companies and recyclers are joining forces to create a Swiss circular economy for plastic packaging and beverage cartons. Involving the likes of manufacturers and distributors allows packaging to be made increasingly recyclable and recycled materials to be used, paving the way for a Swiss circular economy. Our industry-specific solution ensures eco-efficient recycling through adherence to environmental standards and by maintaining transparency. Higher volumes make investments in Swiss sorting and recycling plants attractive for suppliers.

How is the system financed?

RecyPac is financed by bag and membership fees, on the one hand, and the sale of recyclable materials, on the other. The financing model may transition entirely towards a front-loaded approach, for example. RecyPac is not profit-oriented, and its income is only used to compensate service providers and optimise the cycle.

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