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22/08/2023 CosmeticBusiness

The Challenge of Diversity

CosmeticBusiness 2023: Niels Holger Wien Described How Coexistence Determines this Year’s Colour and Material Trends

"Coexistence" is a defining characteristic of our time. Trend analyst Niels Holger Wien made this pronouncement in his lecture entitled "CB Impulse 2024 Beyond" as part of this year's CosmeticBusiness conference programme. His presentation of trends covering the current zeitgeist and the worlds of colour and materials has become a tradition at the trade show and was well attended as always. The event is defined by Wien's impressive mix of observations from art, fashion, literature and the media which he then uses to derive the current trends.

"We All Need More 'Us'"

The main theme he sees at the moment is that of coexistence and how we live alongside one another. On the one hand, this can be a challenge. On the other, it can help us develop new, more open perspectives. In view of the constantly increasing flood of information together with both fragmentation and synchronicity, Wien notes that coexistence can be unsettling. However, it opens up a new perspective on identities that Wien refers to as "fluid identities". Age and gender roles are viewed on a broader spectrum and are no longer defined in binary terms such as male/female or young/old. Wien concludes that despite all the fragmentation and hyper-individualisation, people should focus on one goal in particular. He says, "we all need more 'us'. We need to be holistically integrated with each other." Humans, society, life and the world as a whole are multi-faceted. Wien believes we must accept this and live our lives in 'coexistence'.

Dark Tones Bring Out the Glow in Light Colours

Coexistence also determines the current colour trends, according to Wien. Individual colour groups complement each other and combine to create unique colour effects. In the 'Singularity' colour palette, dark and vibrant tones work together and can be used to create a dazzling impact. Dark colours like Black Sapphire and Midnight Purple provide a base that gives real sparkle to new jewel tones such as Blushed Amethyst and Cyan Light. This palette is completed with materials that reflect and shimmer. "Sympathize" is used by Wien to depict the full spectrum of emotions. Here, cool colours such as Glacier Blue or Dried Green Lichen are just as important as warm tones including Pastel Anis Green or Light Nougat Beige. These are all mineral tones that radiate tranquillity with soft textures that evoke a handmade quality.

Colours in Harmony Are More Effective Than Single Colours

In Wien's "Symbiotic" colour palette, harmony and symbiosis coexist. Not only do these colours depict the vibrancy of nature but they can also be extracted from natural materials. They include so-called "mushrooming colours" like Winter Moss and Mud. Cinnamon Bark and Golden Sepia Brown seem to store sunlight, Wien notes. His fourth colour palette is named "Resonance" and expresses the current zeitgeist most vividly. Strong colours like Signal Yellow and Digital Cyan Blue are most effective against a neutralising base. However, this base is not necessarily limited to a single colour and can include various options such as Indigo Grey and Honest White. According to Niels Holger Wien, these colours absolutely need each other: "They work so much better in concert than alone." Coexistence in its purest form.

The lecture is available in the media library .

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