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30/05/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Sustainability Yes, But…

German Consumers Appreciate Sustainable Cosmetics, But Not at the Expense of the Effectiveness.

In a recent study, the German industry association IKW examined what Germans make “tick” when it comes to sustainability and cosmetics. Accordingly, 84 per cent of those surveyed stated that sustainability had become an important issue for them. But cosmetics have not yet belonged to the everyday products that are closely linked to the topic of sustainability. According to the study, 34 per cent pay attention to the sustainability of cosmetic products. However, many find it difficult to define what a cosmetic product makes sustainable to them. Supported by demand, 71 per cent consider the topic of packaging to be important, for 68 per cent a cosmetic product is sustainable if it is free from certain ingredients. The study authors conclude that sustainability must not come at the expense of other "services" in cosmetics. They recommend cosmetics manufacturers to support consumers in becoming even more sustainable in everyday life, for example by providing even more transparent information about their products. Further information …

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