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21/07/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Sustainability is Priority for Cosmetics Industry

IKW Analyses Member Companies' Sustainability Management for the First Time

The German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW) conducted a survey of its members for the first time to document responsible and sustainable management practices in the German cosmetics industry. The results reveal sustainable business to be a high priority in the industry, the association concludes.

Nearly 70 per cent of respondents have in-house employees who are responsible for sustainability, the results showed. 60 per cent of companies have a corporate code or mission statement on social responsibility.

Clearly Defined Ecological Targets

Most companies have set themselves fixed targets to reduce their carbon footprints. Just over 50 per cent have systematically recorded the impact that their business has on the climate, often in the form of a climate assessment report. The majority of the companies surveyed have defined sustainability targets for individual sectors. These include targets for raw materials, energy and waste in addition to climate and water.

Packaging is another topic on cosmetics manufacturers' agendas. According to IKW, over 70 per cent have defined targets for packaging usage. Of those, two in three are planning lighter or reduced packaging and almost three in four hope to increase the use of recycled plastics. Over 70 per cent are working to achieve higher levels of recycling.

Closer Analysis of Survey Results

The survey also reveals that almost half the respondents claim to have a long-term sustainable purchasing strategy. Over 60 per cent have defined the factors that determine their choice of suppliers. 40 per cent have drawn up social and ecological responsibility standards for the production and supply of raw materials. One in two companies will regularly audit direct suppliers. Over half the companies were able to confirm that suppliers comply with minimum social standards covering human rights, child labour and slave labour.

IKW is planning to further deepen the survey as well as recording the developments over the next few years.

Source: IKW, Photo: Amy Shamblen, Unsplash

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