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Skin Analysis via Infrared Scan with a Smartphone

BASF Subsidiary Enables Molecular Biomarker Measurements with the Help of Mobile Devices

In future, consumers will be able to use their smartphones to determine previously "invisible" health and beauty indicators. This includes, for example, the moisture content of the skin. It is made possible by a spectrometer that measures in the wavelength range from 1 to 3 micrometres and can be integrated into mobile devices. BASF subsidiary Trinamix recently presented the development, which was created in collaboration with various partners, as a world first.

How Light Is Absorbed Provides Information about Chemical Composition

The Consumer Spectroscopy utilises the NIR spectroscopy to enable non-invasive biomarker measurements on the skin. Infrared radiation is used to obtain information about the chemical composition of a sample. The light is absorbed, scattered, and reflected as it passes through the sample. This produces a characteristic spectrum that provides information about the chemical composition. This spectrum is then compared with reference spectra to draw conclusions about the concentrations or presence of certain components in the sample.

Our Approach to Skin Health is Being Revolutionised

According to the company, consumer spectroscopy will revolutionise the way we understand and evaluate our health or personal care, and more. The first application is reportedly being developed in collaboration with Revea from the USA. The manufacturer offers skin care products that are individualised based on scientific analysis. The partners are working together on a product development to analyse skin health through molecular biomarker measurement. Here, the moisture content of the skin plays a central role.

Source: BASF

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