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Study: Foot Care Is a Lifestyle Choice and an Expression of Self-Respect

Foot care has become a lifestyle choice. This is the conclusion drawn by the latest edition of the “Foot Care Trends" study held every two years by the German provider of foot care products Gehwol. According to the study results, foot care in Germany is no longer just a concern of the older generation but is instead considered by many to be part of a healthy lifestyle characterised by self-respect.

Of those surveyed, 76 per cent said that foot care is (very) important to them. Study participants also indicated that foot care is important to them in a partner as well. According to Gehwol, whether they were single or in a relationship, respondents – 71 per cent of men and 74 per cent of women – felt that failing to care for one's feet was a turn-off.

Three Types of "Foot Caregivers"

The survey revealed that the reasons for foot care are very varied. Three types of foot carers are identified in the trend study. "Health-conscious care enthusiasts" who are primarily concerned with proactive care make up 40 per cent of those surveyed. "Risk-conscious preventers" (34 per cent) frequently struggle with skin problems and see foot care as a form of ongoing prevention. At 18 per cent, the smallest group consisted of "problem-oriented improvers". Respondents in this group only turn to foot care when there is an acute problem.

And such problems are an important issue for consumers. 85 per cent of those interviewed said that they had had at least one problem with their feet in the course of the last twelve months. The most common problems involved dry skin, excessive calluses and cold feet. Respondents aged 30 to 39 were most affected at 91 per cent. Nevertheless, 31 per cent of those surveyed also see foot care as a way of being good to themselves and feel that looking after their feet helps them to feel positive about their bodies.

Concept Care Is Popular

Another result of the study was that concept care is trending. According to the study authors, over half of Germans prefer it when they can combine a brand's products such as a foot bath, foot peel and foot cream. Just under 75 per cent of those surveyed also use products containing essential oils. This is especially the case for women aged 30 to 39. The reasons most often cited for using these products were the care they provide and their activating, revitalising effects.

Source: Gehwol

GEHWOL / Eduard Gerlach GmbH
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