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08/12/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Self Care for the Home

Lush Partners for a Cosmetics, Clothing & Homeware Collection

The cosmetics company Lush has teamed up with the London-based indie label Lazy Oaf to launch a collection of cosmetics, clothing and homeware. According to the partners, the aim is to make one's own home a pleasant space for self-care. Among other things, Lush contributed two new shower powders "Lush X Lazy Showders" to the collection. In addition, a new fragrance was created to capture the essence of Lazy Oaf's origins in East London, according to the companies. They say, the "Lush X Lazy Body Spray" smells like an "east end laundrette, with puffs of tobacco lingering on low thread count sheets still warm from the dryer". Further information …

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