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15/11/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Salon Experience at Home

Olaplex Launches its "Virtual Salon"

Olaplex has opened a virtual hair salon. The company says it wants to provide its customers with a new and interactive salon experience. Users can click through the rooms and information points to gain more background knowledge about the manufacturer's products and take a "hair quiz" to receive a customised hair care routine.

Tour of Discovery Through a Virtual World

The 3D salon can be explored like a virtual game world. It offers product portraits, user instructions, before/after experiences, styling tips and access to the provider's social media channels as well as extensive information on the care and management of specific hair needs.

24/7 Brand Experience

The experience is intended to offer everything that users would expect from a real salon. The "virtual salon" is open 24/7. All the products shown can be purchased directly. According to the company, this new kind of brand experience is just the beginning. The intention is to give just a taste of how the company can bring innovations to its target group at every touchpoint, Olaplex explained in an interview.

Source: Olaplex

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