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18/01/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Rossmann Achieves Double-Digit Sales Growth

253 New Drugstores Planned in 2024

According to Rossmann, the German drugstore chain increased sales by double figures in 2023. The company generated revenue of 13.9 billion euros, a 14.4 per cent increase over the previous year. Domestic sales alone rose by 10 per cent to 9.3 billion euros, the group says. Overseas subsidiaries (in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Spain and Denmark) recorded increases in sales of 24 per cent to reach 4.6 billion euros.

Rossmann Plans to Invest 20 Per Cent More This Year

The group states that its investment volume will be 390 million euros in the 2024 financial year. That amounts to 65 million euros more than the previous year. The company plans to open 253 branches this year, 75 of them in Germany. The chain currently operates 4,713 stores in nine European countries, 2,288 of which are in Germany.

The Drugstore Chain Has Almost Reached Its 2025 Recycling Target

The group says that it has succeeded in further expanding its commitment to sustainability. For example, Rossmann has increased the proportion of recycled plastic in its store-brand product packaging to 38 per cent. This takes the company beyond the 2022 German average of 10.6 per cent post-consumer recycled material in packaging. The figure for all materials is 44 per cent. The group has indicated that it wishes to increase this to 45 per cent by 2025.

Source: Rossmann

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