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14/10/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Rising Awareness About Eye Makeup

The Market's Growth Will Accelerate Within the Next Years

According to a new market research report from Technavio, the eye makeup market share is expected to increase by 5.19 billion US-dollars from 2021 to 2026. The market’s growth momentum reportedly will accelerate at a CAGR of 5.7 per cent. The research analysts see the rising awareness about eye makeup as one of the key factors driving the growth. Rising urbanisation, personal grooming concerns, and fashion-consciousness among people have changed the industry over the years globally. Millennials are said to be concerned about their personal appearance and health. This makes them the key contributors to the market, as they are technology-driven and keep up-to-date with new fashion trends and new product launches. Further information …

Adobe Stock, Daria Minaeva
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