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12/04/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Recycling: BlackFree Is the New Black

A New Pigment Free of Carbon Black Makes Black Plastic Packaging Visible to Sorting Plants

Induplast has unveiled Carbon BlackFree, an innovative black pigment that is visible to infrared sensors. According to the manufacturer, detectors found in sorting plants are able to recognise plastic packaging pigmented with Carbon BlackFree and sort it for recycling.

Infrared Sensors Are Unable to Recognise Carbon Black Pigments

Up until this point, carbon black has generally been used to dye packaging black. The problem with this is that the infrared sensors installed in sorting plants are unable to recognise this pigment. As a result, packaging made with it is rejected and not diverted for recycling. Instead, it ends up incinerated or sent to a landfill.

Black Plastic Packaging Provides UV Protection

Carbon BlackFree means that black plastic packaging will now be recyclable, making it possible to package UV-sensitive products, for example, in black or dark plastic packaging.

Source: Induplast

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