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21/04/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Pro Climate Launches in Retail

Dm Now Offers Eco-Neutral Products Under Its Private Labels

The drugstore chain dm has launched a new label Pro Climate. Since the beginning of April, the products have been available in their more than 2,000 store locations as well as in the online shop. According to the company, this means that it offers cosmetic products that are not only climate neutral but environmentally neutral. The manufacturing method used was developed by dm in collaboration with the Technische Universität Berlin and other manufacturing partners. The new label is intended to make it easier for customers to engage in more sustainable consumer behaviour.

Ecological Balance Must Be Restored

According to the company, Pro Climate products reduce their impact on the environment from the very start. Remaining, unavoidable environmental impacts from production and disposal are offset holistically and sustainably with a land enhancement approach for the environmental categories of climate change (CO2), eutrophication, acidification, summer smog and ozone depletion, says dm. In order to achieve this, the retail chain is working together with the environmental company HeimatErbe. According to their own statements, the partners wish to contribute to restoring an ecological balance through renaturation projects in Germany.

The new line currently consists of 13 products from the core areas of the drugstore. These include products from their private labels alverde Naturkosmetik, Denkmit and Sundance.

Source: dm, photo: dm/Florian Kochinke

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