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07/10/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Pigmented Skin from the Laboratory

First Lab-Grown Human Skin With Melanocytes

The British company Labskin, together with the University of Bradford's Centre for Skin Sciences, has succeeded in producing the first lab-grown skin with pigmentation. The research partners say they have incorporated melanocytes – the cells that give skin its pigmentation – into Labskin's human skin equivalents, which naturally mimic the skin's microbiome.

New Research Possibilities

Labskin specialises in the development of lab-grown human skin equivalents. Healthcare and skincare companies use the British company's data analytics to evaluate the effects of skincare products on the microbiome. This new development will allow Labskin to extend this research to a wider variety of skin types. The melanocytes are also expected to open up new areas for research, including investigations into the causes and treatment of hyperpigmentation as well as reactions to UV radiation and phototoxicity.

More Precise Testing Platforms for Cosmetics Products

The new model will be offered under the name "Labskin M". According to the company, it will help Labskin and its clients deepen their understanding of melanin production in healthy and pathological processes, the skin toxicology of drug metabolism and host-microbe interactions. It could provide cosmetics manufacturers with more precise testing platforms, for example, allowing them to develop safer and more effective products.

Source: Labskin

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