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Packaging Trends Inspired by AI and Tradition

Cosmetics Packaging Features Both "Quiet Sustainability" and Decadent Gold Accents

Simplicity and sustainability are two key factors influencing packaging design at the moment, as market researchers at Mintel explain in a recent blog post. The crucial question here is how branded companies should implement these principles. The analysts believe that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) will play a major role.

AI Will Pave the Way for Credible Sustainability

Mintel report that AI will facilitate "quiet sustainability". According to the market researchers, this technology will streamline many aspects of the manufacturing process for cosmetics packaging. Sustainable features could therefore become a given rather than a bonus, as they have been so far. Accordingly, the analysts predict that "quiet sustainability" will help companies appear more credible.

From Simple Designs Through to Ostentatious Ones

The market researchers have naturally spotted design trends that align with this development. They note that cosmetics packaging is becoming increasingly simple and unadorned, reflecting the efficacy of the product contained within. In addition, they are seeing more and more packaging concepts providing incentives to recycle. Nevertheless, Mintel is also noticing a revival of old traditions. This is demonstrated by packaging featuring decadent designs and gold accents, as well as the use of ingredients inspired by ancient techniques and recipes. Mintel describes this as an appeal to societal nostalgia.

Source: Mintel

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