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24/02/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Packaging Remains an Important Brand Ambassador

Packaging Trends in 2023 Are Shaped by the End of the Pandemic and Inflation

Packaging remains a central element in consumer communication on beauty and body care. Market researchers at Mintel revealed this as part of their study on global packaging trends for 2023. Using a so-called PESTLE analysis, the agency also examined the influence of macroeconomic factors on packaging.

Packaging Must Clearly Indicate the Added Value

The consultants believe that packaging in the beauty sector has the important task of conveying issues such as material sustainability, 100 per cent product discharge or the added value of the brand. The consultants explain that since the pandemic, consumers are increasingly looking for products and brands which represent sustainability and social responsibility. Therefore, companies should develop strategies to use modern technology to add physical, emotional, visual, digital and ecological properties to packaging in order to convey these added values.

Increased Cost Pressure for Packaging Manufacturers

Mintel generally sees economic, social and legal factors as having a major influence on packaging in 2023. Increased costs are leading to consumers rethinking their budgets. Packaging which is cost-effective without compromising on quality as well as being user-friendly, safe, fresh and ecological is therefore at an advantage, according to the consultants. Packaging should also do more to meet consumer demand for transparency and convey social and ecological aspects, the analysts say. Mintel also sees an equally large significance in extended manufacturer responsibility and legal regulations on the use of environmentally harmful materials. They expect that consumers will be increasingly aware of whether products comply with such regulations and manufacturers will face growing cost pressure in the search for alternative packaging solutions.

Source: Mintel

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