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13/04/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Only Renewable Raw Materials in Future

BASF Supports Henkel's Aim to Widely Replace Fossil Resources

Henkel plans to replace fossil raw materials in its consumer goods with renewable resources within the next four years. According to the group, it aims to integrate the BASF biomass balance approach into its supply chain. The cooperation is expected to extend to most of the products in the Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care ranges that are manufactured in Europe, thus replacing around 110,000 tonnes of raw materials for ingredients per year. The group hopes to reduce CO2 emissions by 200,000 tonnes for brands such as Persil, Pril, Fa and Schauma.

Closed Chain of Custody and Independent Certification

BASF has implemented a closed chain of custody from the renewable raw materials to the final product. The independent certification organisation TÜV Nord will be providing support in applying practical measures as well as confirming that BASF has replaced the required amount of fossil raw materials for each biomass balanced product with renewable raw materials according to the REDCert2 certification system.

The group adds that the BASF biomass balance approach is currently already replacing fossil raw materials in the early stages of chemical production at Henkel. The amount of bio-based raw materials used will then be allocated to specific retail products with the help of a certified calculation method.

Further Adaptation of Processes and Products Planned

According to its CEO Carsten Knobel, the consumer goods group is planning to fundamentally rework its business model to be more sustainable in order to advance climate protection. This involves ongoing improvements to resource efficiency of processes, products and usage of raw materials.

Source, photo: Henkel

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