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On-The-Go Make-Up for Lips, Cheeks and Eyes

Schwan Cosmetics Is Catering to the Multi-Purpose Make-Up Trend

Blotted Mochi Bounce Color is the name of the new colour cosmetic product from German company Schwan Cosmetics that aims to address the increasing demand for multi-purpose make-up products. This gel-to-cream formula can be applied to the lips, cheeks or eyes, the company says. Thanks to its innovative texture and pleasant application, the product delivers a multi-sensory experience.

Soft Blends Are a Beauty Trend in Korea

Schwan states that it took inspiration from a Korean beauty trend when developing the product, which makes it possible to achieve blurry blends with no harsh lines. It creates a blotted, natural matte finish that feels soft to the touch. The texture is reminiscent of the Asian mochi desserts for which the product was named.

Lightweight Formulation Facilitates Effortless Application

The vegan, lightweight, oil-based formulation consists of a combination of shea butter, a natural emollient and jojoba oil, the company adds. It can be applied and blended with either the integrated applicator or the fingers. According to the manufacturer, it absorbs quickly into the skin, providing it with moisture.

Source: Schwan Cosmetics

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