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14/09/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Oats Soothe the Skin

A New Active Ingredient Against Itching, Tightness And Redness

Symrise has unveiled its new active ingredient for sensitive skin. SymCalmin Avena is based on certified organic oats coming from regional sources in Germany, according to the manufacturer. It has received the Cosmos certificate.

The Skin Becomes Smoother

The new ingredient is said to help relieve sensitive skin symptoms such as itching, tightness or redness. It reportedly can help prevent dryness and make the skin more comfortable. For SymCalmin Avena, the manufacturer extracts and concentrates the natural active ingredient in oats, the avenanthramides (200 - 250 ppm).

The Histamines Are Inhibited

Recent scientific research reportedly shows that the ingredient targets the mast cell receptor MRGPRX2. The receptor is said to play an important role in the interaction between nerves and the immune system. In vitro tests have shown that the cosmetic ingredient helps reduce the release of histamine and thus alleviates itching. Compared to the placebo, the product shows a visible decrease in skin redness after only one to two weeks, according to the company.

According to Symrise, SymCalmin Avena can go into all cosmetics, especially skin and body care and hygiene products.

Source: Symrise

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