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28/03/2024 CosmeticBusiness

No April Fools' Joke: French Fry Perfume by McDonald's

Fast-Food Chain Plans to Release Three Fragrances Based on its Products in Japan

No, we're not playing an April Fools' joke on you. And McDonald's seems to be serious, too: the Japanese subsidiary of the fast-food company intends to launch a perfume that makes the user smell like french fries. To be precise, they intend to release a small line of perfumes, to include "garlic black pepper mayo" and "plum nori seaweed salt" fragrances as well.

From Nail Polish and Lip Care to Perfume

The chain has never shied away from quirky forays into the world of cosmetics. Just last autumn, McDonald's Austria launched its own nail polish collection in the colours of the company's signature fry and nugget sauces. And in 2016, the company took a similar step in Japan, offering a lip care product shaped and scented like fries.

Promotional Strategy Making Waves Around the World

It may be assumed that the company is primarily counting on the advertising impact of this move and is not looking to create a new business segment. In any case, the announcement on the platform X generated a great deal of interest, which has already spilled over into Europe. We can confidently say that this perfume, too, will only be available in a limited quantity. At the time of writing, no release date had yet been announced.

Source: Welt, Merkur, X

McDonaldsJapan/Jan Woitas/dpa
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