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28/04/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Newly Designed PET Aerosol Containers

PressureSafe Aims to Top the Sustainability and Design of Aluminium Containers

Packaging manufacturer Sidel has launched a new kind of design for aerosol containers made from PET called PressureSafe. According to the company, the concept provides household cleaning and body care brands in particular the opportunity to offer environmentally-friendly aerosol dispenser packaging. The packaging solution is approved for the PET recycling stream.

Design Guarantees Pressure Resistance

PressureSafe ensures PET containers are just as safe as metal aerosol containers, the company adds. The name of the design was chosen to emphasise the pressure stability of the PET containers. This stability ensures the containers are protected from leaks, breakages and buckling during transport and storage. PressureSafe containers comply with FEA and PARG aerosol regulations and material specifications, the company states.

By changing over to PressureSafe, manufacturers of products such as perfumes and deodorants can reduce their CO2 emissions. PET is valued in the packaging industry as an economical alternative thanks to its competitive and sustainable attributes. According to Sidel, the material's average market price is roughly half that of aluminium, the raw materials needed for PET leave a carbon footprint half the size of an aluminium footprint and PET is 100 per cent recyclable.

Customisable for Specific Brands

The PET aerosol container offers more design options than a traditional metal tin, Sidel explains. PressureSafe can be individually designed to incorporate brand-specific features such as haptic elements on the main body of the container as well as a tapered or round shoulder. The transparent PET material means that the product inside the container is visible to the consumer and it can be designed with either a narrow or full-body sleeve.

Source: Sidel

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