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16/01/2023 CosmeticBusiness

New Ways to Form Paper

Swedish Companies Aim to Replace Rigid Plastics with Moulded Cellulose Fibres

Holmen Iggesund and Yangi will be working together in future to develop an innovative and sustainable type of packaging material. The Swedish paperboard manufacturer and the Swedish technology company Yangi say they intend to further explore the opportunities to replace rigid plastics with bio-based and renewable cosmetics packaging.

Dry Forming Technology Enables New Solutions

Holmen Iggesund will be contributing its cellulose-based materials to the partnership. Yangi will supply its technology platform for dry forming. Using this process, cellulose fibres can be used for 3D packaging without dissolving them in water, the company explains. This is said to ensure production costs are competitive as well as enabling the efficient processing of renewable materials so they remain firm and can be shaped like plastic. Cellulose is regarded as a renewable material with a recycling value of over 70 per cent. According to Yangi, the fibres can be reused more than seven times without compromising on quality.

Incubator for Technological Development

The partnership was initiated by the Swedish tech accelerator company FutureLab & Partners. This company has set itself a goal of speeding up the transition from non-renewables to circular systems. To achieve this, it creates development projects for cosmetics and beauty brands and supports them with resources and capital.

Holmen Iggesund is an exhibitor at CosmeticBusiness 2023. You will find the booth in Hall 4 A08/B05.

Source: Holmen Iggesund, Yangi

Holmen Iggesund
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