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05/10/2022 CosmeticBusiness

New Purple As an Vegan Alternative

A New Pigment Expands Givaudan's Sustainable Range

Givaudan Active Beauty has introduced New Purple 2364, a vegan pigment for use in make-up formulations. This extract from Raphanus Sativus L. complements the collection of sustainable pigments the company started in 2020 as an alternative to synthetic pigments.

Trendy Shade Going Well With the Skin Tone

Purple is said to be one of the most trendy shades in make-up formulation, according to the manufacturer. Furthermore, it goes best with all skin tones. Givaudan states that in its own consumer study 88 per cent consider New Purple 2364 as a trendy shade, with 84 per cent of respondents feeling that the colour went well with their skin tone.

Stable Against Light and Heat

The new pigment reportedly is 100 per cent vegan and of natural origin. It is ID Pack-certified, which is said to guarantee transparent sourcing, product quality and good agriculture practices. Tests showed that New Purple 2364 has stability to temperature exposure and light radiation when formulated at 10 per cent. In addition to this, it reportedly offers anti-oxidation, anti-glycation and anti-hyaluronidase protection for skin and nails.

As the first application of New Purple 2364, Givaudan offers Cosmic Purple eyeshadow.

Source: Givaudan

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