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08/12/2023 CosmeticBusiness

New Lipsticks Made from Monomaterial

Quadpack Now Offers a Complete Lipstick Programme Made from Recyclable Materials

Quadpack is now providing a full range of monomaterial lipsticks made from recyclable materials. To this end, the manufacturer has added five solutions to its portfolio of monomaterial packaging. These comprise aluminium, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PET) designs and two refill formats.

The Packages Support Different Types of Formulas and Applications

For example, the packaging Menara has an airtight closure to protect formulations from drying out and thus supports long-lasting claims. Its PP construction offers high compatibility, making it a solution for a variety of skincare, makeup and solid fragrance products. The Reforma lipstick is said to be a perfect solution for creamy formulas. It features a slanted tip to allow precise application on any area of the face.

The Lipsticks Can Contain Up to 50 to 100 Per Cent PCR Materials

According to the company's own PIP (positive-impact packaging) rating system, the five new packages are said to boast an Advanced level of sustainability, based on life-cycle assessments of their environmental impact. They all can include up to 50 per cent PCR materials. PET lipstick Emerald can contain up to 100 per cent rPET. According to the manufacturer, all solutions are top-filling and compatible with standard filling lines.

Source: Quadpack

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