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26/02/2021 CosmeticBusiness

New Facial Care Brand Embraces AI

O.W.N. from Beiersdorf Offers Skin Care Products Individually Tailored to Customer Needs

Beiersdorf has entered the market for personalised product ranges with its new facial care brand. Under the label O.W.N., the new line offers cleansing and care products that are individually tailored to the specific skincare needs of the customer, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and an algorithm, explains the company. The acronym is short for "Only What's Needed" and is intended for the initial launch of the new brand in key European markets.

Access to 380,000 Formula Combinations

The idea behind the new service is the premise that products can work more effectively if they are tailored to the unique needs of a given person's skin. The group claims that its AI application brings together its 140 years of knowledge of skin care and consumers. Users will have access to around 380,000 possible formulations identified through an algorithm, from which they will be able to choose the right skincare formulation to suit their skin condition, lifestyle, personal circumstances and even their own specific self-improvement needs. The specially developed algorithm is the result of findings and data from a survey of more than 4,000 consumers conducted in the run-up to the brand's launch, according to Beiersdorf.

Made to Order Products

The products can be purchased online via the O.W.N. website. Here, consumers can complete a scientifically approved questionnaire to identify the best skincare formula for their skin. Products are then manufactured specifically for the user. This also includes the packaging, which will feature the customer's first name together with the brand name, e.g. "EMMA's O.W.N".

Source: Beiersdorf, photo: XXX

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