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10/04/2024 CosmeticBusiness

New Concept for Effective Anti-Counterfeiting

An Online-to-Offline Strategy Combines Different Protection Measures

The German companies Scribos and globaleyez have joined forces to use a data-driven approach to unify digital anti-counterfeit product markings and online brand protection. Scribos belongs to the Kurz Group. The company develops and manufactures secure product markings that work in synergy with their digital authentication technology. Globaleyez specialises in online brand protection and distribution control, with a focus on safeguarding the e-commerce presence of brands and protecting their intellectual property rights.

Digital, Physical and Online Measures Become One Concept

Together, the partners now offer brand owners an online-to-offline brand protection strategy that combines physical, digital and online protection measures. For example, within the digital platform Scribos 360, customers can report counterfeit products and upload relevant images. These reports provide data that globaleyez utilises for activities like test purchases and takedowns without requiring direct involvement from the client.

Suspicious Scans Are Followed Up in a Targeted Manner

Another example is the identification of suspicious scans on the Scribos 360 platform, which can be used to identify hotspots of fraud activities and potentially involved businesses and companies. If the following test purchases reveal counterfeit products, these purchases become legally admissible evidence. This information is then shared with the brand's legal team for targeted action.

Source: Kurz Group

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