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03/05/2021 CosmeticBusiness

New Approaches to Natural Skin Care

Clariant Presents Herbal Active Ingredients Celyscence and Ethience Protect

Clariant has introduced two new active ingredients that harness the natural benefits of flowers and nut oils. The aim is to offer developers extracts that can be used to design new types of care products to help ageing skin and improve the skin barrier, according to Clariant.

Almond Thistle Flowers for Healthier Skin in Old Age

With Celyscence, the company offers an active ingredient that removes senescent cells, thus mitigating the effects of the skin ageing process. Celyscence is an extract of milk thistle flowers that can restore healthy skin and boost moisture and clarity. According to the company, Celyscence can induce senescent cell death, reduce their harmfulness, or even reprogramme them to reverse loss of function.

The new active ingredient Ethience Protect supports the skin's barrier function and is based on a Brazilian nut extract. According to the manufacturer, this improves the outer protective lipid layer of the skin and promotes lipid metabolism. Moreover, it restores the stability of the stratum corneum, ensures the strength and cohesion of keratinocytes and increases the level of keratin-10. The result is a stable barrier function and skin that has better hydration and is less prone to damage.

Nourishing Brazil Nuts From Sustainable Cultivation

The company believes that the Ethience Protect goes hand in hand with sustainable production. That is why the extract is derived from a by-product of Brazil nut oil production in the Amazon region. In cooperation with the raw material supplier Beraca, a transparent processing method was developed in which the entire fruit is used. Even remnants from the extraction process are used as a natural fertiliser by local communities, the company says.

Source, photo: Clariant

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