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13/12/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Natural Depot for Active Ingredients in Cosmetics

Glucosides Continue to Release Fragrances and More Even After Several Hours

Biotech company 4gene uses glucosides as active ingredient depots in cosmetic products. The idea is that fragrances, aromas and cosmetic active ingredients will continue to be emitted for hours. The glucosides bind the fragrance molecules and aromas so that they are only released under certain conditions with the help of the natural skin microbiome, the company states. Glucosides are widespread in the plant kingdom and serve as a natural means of storing volatile metabolites in cells.

No Need for Microplastics

The company’s method is also expected to benefit the stability, skin compatibility, water solubility as well as the bioavailability of cosmetic ingredients. Some glucosides can be used as cleavable emulsifiers, allowing highly insoluble ingredients in cosmetic products to be emulsified and incorporated into new, more skin-compatible formulations, according to the manufacturer's explanation. Thanks to the glycoside form's increased water solubility and stability, it is also said to be capable of transporting bioactive functions into deeper skin cell layers where they can achieve their full effect.

The company adds that the use of glucosides in cosmetics means there is no need to add microplastics, parabens or aluminium salts.

Source: 4gene, photo: Adobe Stock / stokkete

Source: Quelle: 4gene, Photo: Adobe Stock / stokkete

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