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Mysticism with Perfume Bottles

Charlotte Tilbury Wants to Create Beautiful Emotions with Molecules And Numerology

Puig has partnered with Stoelzle to produce the bottles for Charlotte Tilbury's new perfume. According to the company, the fragrances in the new range are based on molecules that are designed to promote certain emotions. The six perfumes are said to reflect love, energy, serenity, seduction, empowerment and happiness.

From the Energy of Crystals …

According to the manufacturer, each bottle is inspired by the energy of crystals. It therefore reflects the respective mood that the individual gems represent. Among other things, they are intended to represent the romance of morganite, the passion of ruby or the calming properties of aquamarine. According to Stoelzle, the bottles are provided with double UV hot stamping, which shows the names of the brand and fragrance in rose gold. Further complex details were created using holographic hot stamping. The design is rounded off with a stylised medal on the neck of the bottle. Precise placement was crucial during production, which Stoelzle's partners realised using special tools.

... to the Power of Numbers

Finally, Charlotte Tilbury developed an unusual feature in collaboration with a numerologist. Each perfume was given a matching number, which is intended to help the respective perfume to to enhance daily experiences.

Source: Puig

Stoelzle, PUIG Group
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