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05/04/2023 CosmeticBusiness

More Moisture, Less Antimicrobials

New Active Ingredient Uses Fewer Preservatives

The Hamburg-based cosmetics supplier Cosphatec and this year's CosmeticBusiness exhibitor presented its new natural active ingredient Cosphaderm Absolute. According to the manufacturer, this is a blend of three established humectant actives, which can be used to help to hydrate the skin and to improve the skin’s barrier function. With sodium lactate and betaine, Cosphaderm Absolute provides two skin-own substances of the natural moisturising factors (NMF), which reportedly ensure the maintenance of the moisture content in the skin. In addition to its solubilizing function, the multifunctional propanediol promotes the moisturising effect of the blend. The blend also allows the water activity of a formulation to be reduced, thereby reducing the antimicrobial count for preservation. Further information …

You will find Cosphatec at CosmeticBusiness in hall 2, B08.

Adobe Stock, Stefan Körber
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