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More Beautiful Through a Chatbot

Douglas Tests AI-supported Beauty Advisor

The Douglas Group is testing an AI Beauty Advisor Chatbot as the latest innovation in its strategy to elevate the omnichannel customer experience. Leveraging Google Cloud’s AI technology, the chatbot is to assist customers with personalised product recommendations, beauty advice and routine ideas based on individual preferences and dynamic conversations. During the early testing, the chatbot is available for Group employees only. Whether it will ultimately be rolled out for customers is said to depend on the results of the current test phase.

When Logging in, the Chatbot Automatically Has All User Data Ready

According to the Group, the chatbot is understanding and predicting customer preferences. Thus, it reportedly enhances the shopping experience, making it more intuitive, enjoyable, and efficient. When logged in, the chatbot integrates the data of a customer’s beauty profile – such as product preferences and information from the skin type analysis, which the Group also offers – to deliver a personalised experience.

Product Recommendations Come from the Group's Product Range

For example, if asked, “Can you recommend a moisturising serum suited for dry skin?”, the chatbot can provide specific and customised product recommendations from the range of the company's products, taking into account product data like ingredients, brands, price, and personal preferences.

Currently in early testing, the chatbot is being fine-tuned based on internal feedback, the company says.

Source: Douglas

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